Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breakfast Sandwich

So that time of the year is here.  The start of the school year.  The kids are excited.  Summer seems to have ended even though September weather is usually quite promising.  Still warm, sunny and cooler nights (at least on the Eastern seaboard) and fall doesn't truly start until the Autumnal Equinox which is September 22 at 11:09 pm.  I have always enjoyed beach trips in September.  More nature, bluer waters, fewer people and really nice weather . . . lower prices.  I am starting to get lost in a fantasy and missing my point which is starting the day off with breakfast.  It is important to "break fast" which simply refers to eating after "fasting" overnight since your last meal and for many would be roughly 12 hours.  Many studies indicate that having breakfast helps control weight and effects metabolism.  It is also believed that it increases the ability to concentrate.  And I do believe that, but for me has to be with a cup of morning joe.  In fact, coffee should come before breakfast especially if I am having anything to do with preparing it.  Lord knows what the Mom-before-she's-had-a-cup-of-coffee would actually make.
 It seems everyone is always in a hurry and if you can carry breakfast on the morning commute to school or even work, why not a breakfast sandwich.  Fold it up in a napkin or wax paper and take it with you.  I had a hankering for eggs one morning and I was on the run.  I love scrambled eggs with buttered toast because they just belong together.  I had some bacon, some end of season sun golds, left over goat cheese, basil and if I had some baby spinach that would have gone in there, too.  I really just used what I had on hand and lets face it, in the real world a toast and scrambled egg sandwich would work fine.  Oh, and don't forget to butter the toast like I did.  Silly me.  I think this is a great "to go" breakfast sandwich, especially if it was in a pita or in a tortilla as a wrap.

 This is fairly quick sandwich to make.  Cook some bacon.  Cooking the bacon in the microwave would be easier and quicker than frying in a pan or broiling in the oven.  Your call.  You could skip the bacon but bacon is good.

 Scrambling eggs in a pan is super quick and with a non stick pan, clean up is a breeze.
This is how I make my eggs:  2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk, pinch of salt, and a dash of hot sauce.  Mix it together with a fork. 
Note:  Adding milk tends to give scrambled eggs a creamy texture and adding water will tend to make the scrambled egg "harder".  I like them both ways but I have noticed people can be picky about their eggs. Also if you cook quicker on higher heat they tend to be harder verses on lower heat and stirring constantly equal very creamy scramble eggs. Harder is better for egg sandwiches.
I am not sure why they are so pale, usually they are more yellow.
Toast your bread (I think the toaster got a little carried away here) and put two pieces of bacon (or sausage) on one side of the bread that should be buttered.  Pretend folks.  I don't mind skipping the butter but buttered is better in this case.
Add the scrambled eggs and a twist of fresh pepper.
Then put crumble goat cheese, tomato slices (sun golds halved here) and torn basil leaves.  Then put the bread on top.  Sandwich made and ready to go.
This looked so good and I was so hungry that it didn't go anywhere but down the gullet.  Such a weird term, gullet.  But fun to use.
Hunger is one of my greatest inspirations when cooking.  This sandwich hit the spot and got me going for the day.

I think I am going to come up with some more of these breakfast sandwiches.  I have some great ideas that could be enjoyed on the run.  I can't help it if no one was around on this day, in fact someone just peaked over  my shoulder and gave me a hard time for not being included.  Imagine that.

Jump start your day with breakfast and take advantage of a good day!

Note on eggs:  I know there has been a scare on eggs and we should all be rightly concerned.  I have made a conscious choice to choose organic, cage free eggs to try to avoid mass farm produced products.  I believe when farmers are more concerned about the bottom line instead of the quality and integrity of their business, there are going to be problems.  Most of my eggs come from the farmers at our farmer's market and I feel good and safe about that. 

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  1. What a great idea! As a "new" cook, I often overlook the obvious, thanks!


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