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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dinner tonight? Fresh, simple and on the Deck

Life is quiet at home.  Half of my family is going to be away for a week.  A dinner out with friends is in order but I can't do that every night.  After dropping my daughter and husband off at the airport, I went to the wine store and browsed.  It is one of those mega mart wine stores that you could wonder endlessly looking for what you want.  I got several bottles of wine and some of our favorite micro brews and meandered home.  No real hurry.  Nice.

When I am up to my own devices, I am a nibbler.  Almonds, cheese slices, fresh fruit, over easy eggs and toast.  It is all easy.  Very little clean up.  Good basic food and I had more time to work on some projects, pursue some interests, read, watch a movie and catch up on "So you think you can dance" in peace (without comments and eye rolling, so shoot me - I like the show). 

But eventually you get hungry and you need something more.    Hunger happens and if you wait too long you start fantasizing about foods you probably shouldn't and the end result is not as healthy or even remotely close to what you should be eating. You KNOW what I am taking about.  Food covered in cheese or sauteed in butter or topped with whipped cream or something to do with chocolate.  Nobody's watching.  Just you and your frying pan!  That leads me to "What is for dinner tonight?" Several months ago,  I had a flatbread appetizer in a restaurant that I really enjoyed which gave me the similar idea to do a crispy flatbread topped with veggies and goat cheese.  Something simple and I only need to use one pan.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What is for dinner tonight?

This is what we had for dinner the other night.  My daughter and I were the only ones home and something simple, tasty and vegetarian would do.  If the guys had been home, they would  have thought we were trying to starve them, especially my son.  He is all about protein.
We were hungry, so we foraged.  There is just no better way to say it.  We foraged through the frig, the pantry, and the tomato garden.  I had some nice looking beets that I bought from the grocery store.  I had great success with beets that I had roasted previously that I had gotten from the farmers market.  That night we were having wine, cheese, olive oil and a light salad.  My daughter was out that evening and didn't get to participate but had some left over beets the next day and proclaimed love for them.  So for her, I will try to recreate that salad we had that night minus the blood orange infused olive oil which sadly went home with the owner.  Who knew olive oils were infused with blood orange.  I must be living in a bubble.

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